Technology of Almazes

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The documentation is destroyed - here only reasonings and a little data given. Titanium or titanic alloys in a design - are not present the titan, as there is no also "especial" bronze in gears of the mechanism of shutter/rewind of film. It's a pity, they are present at prototypes(as it is reflected in performance - to guess not difficultly) - but nothing to do, special materials and technologies was closed (for civil production), or inaccessible. Shutter lamels - from metal spring tape 0.6mm (except for Almaz-101). Technologies on shutter(on full mechanical models and Almazes-are similar) have been transferred on LOMO, there it was modernized. "Arsenal" has put it to Kiev-17(1978) the first - probably "Arsenal" is author of shutter. Only 4 lamel- it is a TECHNOLOGY(for 1978)!. In the device for greasing used molibden powder.
About lenses - there are exist data on application in some lenses Volna-4 of unspecialized glasses(series 1986-1989, but in which exactly?). Quite probably - for all the "correct" glass has not sufficed - technological difficulties ruined also others.

LOMO - the unique enterprise to create and make the device of such level - the specialized firms of such level was no more than 10 in the WORLD, now (2003) - only Nikon(FM3A still product!), the others do not release full mechanic SLR(Cosina, Brawn-Vivitar, Ricoh, etc. - do not approach, they - not a system SLR).

All times hero:
- Nikon series F(F2 also was the basic prototype of Almaz) - FM3A - pure mechanics, last from all. The bayonet is supported.
- Canon series F - release is stopped about 10-15 years ago, the bayonet is not supported.
- Pentax LX - release is stopped about 5 years ago (was anniversary LX-2000) was not completely mechanical (long shutter speeds needs battery - electromechanical shutter), nevertheless - was! The bayonet is supported.
- Olympus series OM - the camera which has "ruined" Olympus. Very clever maded camera with a heap of technological features. Is not released now.
- Practika series VLC - germans, in general, good fellows, but after association of Germany everywhere only soap-camera with Practikar of CarlZeiss - doom and pain...
About these cameras now write articles(in magazines) and books, eulogize native optics and tell legends and fairy tales. Samples of this cameras many years will bring pleasure and to heat hands of their owners....

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