For cameras of a series Almaz was planned release various adaptations:
- motor drive(winder)
- waist-level viewfinder ( pictures sended by noble collector!), varios type of releases,
- angular viewfinder( pictures from site www.leicashop.com),
- printing databack( pictures sended by noble collector and taken from internet auctions , ebay2014,1 ebay2014,2 ebay2014,3 ebay2014,4(thanks enthusiasts)),
- big-frame back( pictures sended by noble collector!),
- viewer-magnifier( pictures sended by noble collector!).
All of them exist, but haven't been released officially.
Focussing screens (3 types) supplied with the camera(kit:camera,lens,screens, caps,e.t.c.). Earlier focusing screens was market other letters(type K - optical wedge), i don't seeing other than K-type(early), yet, i hope
Almaz family by LOMO(project)
Other infos:
The design of the camera supposes change of a working distance and replacement of a bayonet joint (a bayonet joint on jacks, some people made exchange under Nikon-bayonet joint!). The view-finder enough bright(Almaz-103) - positively affects absence of TTL-metering. For repairmen(and for itself;)):
Repair cameras(articles in magazine "SovietPhoto"):
- Zenit E - 12/84
- Zenit EM - 7/85
- Zenit 11,12 - 12/85 - Zenit 19 - 5/86
- Kiev 17 - 9/82
- Kiev 19 - 4-5/89
- Kiev 60 - 12/86
- Kiev 88 - 6,8/87
- The cartridge Kiev 88 - 9/88
- Almaz 103 - 8,10/91
In Russia some wizards remaking Almaz-103: put there TTL-metering(should been a rumor...)!!! Camera with possibilities. About МС Volna 1.8/50 - on LOMO exchange PК-bayonet to М42-screwmount, it turned out excellent normal lens!(without auto, of course).

Another useful info(not for me):
WWW-links photoplants ex-USSR(- thanks Webmaster from zenit.istra.ru ;) -):
BelOMO, Minsk-city(MMZ, CKB "Peleng")
Zenit plant, Vileyka-town(BelOMO part)
"Diaproektor" (BElOMO part), Rogachyov-town
Optical factory "Sphera", Minsk-city(only lens)

"Arsenal" plant, Kiev-city(they has no site, as far as I know).
FED, Kharkov-city
Izyum devicemaking plant, Izyum-town
Feodossia optical factory("Unnat"-scopes)

GOI, Saint-Petersburg
LZOS, Lytkarino
Kazan OMZ
Rostov OMZ
Vologda OMZ
"Upiter" plant, Valdai
Zagorsky OMZ ("Cronos"), Sergiev Posad
LOMO, Saint-Petersburg
NPZ, Novosibirsky plant
PRINSIB, Novosibirsky plant
Azov OMZ(filters)
Ural OMZ, Ekaterinburg
Puschino optical factory, Puschino(no photoequipment)