How it must be(by FVL(Fiodor Lisitcyn), very close to truth)

Almazes released by government pirposes - price are no matter to end devices, but science research is too - by government pirposes, and planned as "camera for reporters(all ranges - from small newspapers till biggest news agency)". Year production planned about 25000 items! In future must will be motor-driven camera(with winder, external - for all models and inserted drive - only for top-camera Almaz-101).
Manual mode (unknown, was it on in experimental cameras, control block like "Minolta X-300", but maded as on "Canon A-1"), aperture-priority mode(Av-mode). Integral control chip - from tallin "Norma"-factory, as in "Zenit-Automat", but with manual shutter speed input(as on "Zenit-14", but with automodes). In future - full digital scheme with CPU (for Big Series), like "Motorolla"-chip used on "Zenit-Automat(French model)", with expomemory and shutter-speed priority(Tv-mode) with electro-lenses(as and inserted drive - future extence). Unknown, was in Almaz-101 drive-socket.
Shutter of Almaz-101:
Early - "Copal-Square"(must be released under licence in two models: 1/1000s and more expensive 1/2000s. Up to 1989 was project to use DDR lamel shutter "Pentacon", but it more difficult than "Copal"). Russian FZ-74 shutter cannot be used - KMZ cannot release it for other factory(difficult to produce). Probably on LOMO released something "Copal-Square"-based with 16-1/2000c, X-1/125c, but unlike from "Zenit-KM" and "Zenit-APK", more quality-class, with mechanical speed 1/125(or maybe with two mechanical speeds 1/60 and 1/125 and B-speed, but it is a fiction) and B-speed.
Battery must be - 4LR44 (Blik-4) inside cameras, but in removable prism might be own battery.
Diffirences Almaz-104 from Almaz-102:
Main diffirences is in applied electronics, and center-weight type of exposure. Almaz-102 may have prism with point-type and matrix(segment)-type of exposure, Almaz-104 - only center-weight.
Matrix- and point-type of exposure must been had Almaz-101 and Almaz-102 (with exchangable prisms, of cource). Almaz-103 and Almaz-104 had center-weight prism optional, - it's not a clean, but probably. Almaz-104 can be replace Almaz-103 in serial produce.
Almaz-101 - "reporter pro-camera". Up to 4 frame per second with winder and, in future, with motor-drive. Info-channel between body and prism (in future, at prototypes not clean, one people say - was, other people say - not).
May be used as basis for "police photocase" with aperture-priority mode ONLY, without manual mode at all.
Almaz-102 - "advanced reporter camera" - exchangable prism with matrix(5-6 segments)- and point(8-10% of square - big point)-type exposure - all-in-one prism(in future - other type of prism)... Almaz-101, and maybe, Almaz-102 have a connection with camera, Almaz-104 - without connection. It mean, prism - only external lightmeter or TTL-meter from aperture(mechanical connect on shutter speed set wheel, as Almaz-102).
Almaz-103 - "amateur reporter camera". In big serial production, probably, may be changed by Almaz-104, cheap model of Almaz-102(or replaced and Almaz-102 and Almaz-103...). Diffirence in price was small, camera without lightmetering at all(Almaz-103) don't have export potential. Foreign sellers don't wish trade cameras like Almaz-103.
About Almaz-105... Hear three diffirent versions:
- high class reporter camera(like Almaz-101, but with motordrive),
- simple aperture-priority camera, without manual mode(for photoamateurs) (simplified Almaz-104, "little newspaper reporter camera"),
- camera for people - simple auto-camera, but with motordrive.
Future of Almaz-family:
In Belarus in 1987-88 finishing testing of autofocusing CPU. Passive autofocusing. On LOMO planned production point-and-shot camera with this autofocusing CPU(afCPU), as continue of LOMO-Compact. After this, insert afCPU it prism of Almazes (precision focusing - electronic rangemetering). Full autofocusing is planned, but require FULL re-engineering of lens productions, not realisable. Other way of modernize - motordrive... In 1990 at LOMO planned start of production motor-drives point-and-shot cameras (released as Zenit-35MF). In future - use this motor for SLR's.

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