Informations on this pages are not a document - only user manuals and pictures are facts. Other - is a hearing, tales and deducted from other sources. It's not a false - I don't have a true docs for all data at pages. Trust or not - your choice! I'm slightly know english, and can't make whole site at this language. But your can use automatic translators from WWW(like PROMT, and many others). Your may connect with me throught e-mail - answer will be present as soon as possible.


This site worship only for my purposes.
Informations given AS IS, without any prosecutions, BUT IF YOUR WANNA USE IT'S OTHERELSE - LINK ON MY SITE(URL) SHOULD BE PLACED!

Great thanks to Alain Berry - he provided to me rare picturies and rock me to make english version of site.
Also thanks to Milos Mladek, who send me rare picturies, and make possible creation of electronic version of GOI-catalogue.

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