I don't know english grammatic as well as I wish. And I cannot translate user manuals well. But if you something misunderstand in your Almaz - please, ask me through e-mail, I send answer on your question and put answer here. Almaz, basically, worked as other mechanical SLR-camera.

Don't cocking the selftimer BEFORE shutter is cocked! It may be cause malfunction of shutter(not fatal, but workshop service is needed).

Picture 1
Q: Button on back of camera(left of viewfinder, pos.29, picture 1) - what the pirpose?
A: It's lever for release focusing screen after prism is removed. Camera must be accuracy overturned and button must be pressed. Of cource, in small high of soft material(like cotton, velvet, e.t.c.).

Picture 2
Q: Button nearly metal ring with film speed value(pos.13, picture 2) - destination?
A: Pressing (and holding) that button you can change film speed value(Almaz-103 - memories pirposes only, Almaz-102,101,104 - for TTL-lightmeter scheme).
Q: Which battery used in Almaz-102?
A: Battery type PX28(6Volt), can be used 4xLR44 battery. Polarity of inserting signed under battery cover - hard to search, but present - "+" sign(I see only which, maybe exsist other type of marking sign).

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