To collectors (info,rumors)

Mass of Almaz-102 dated 1984 year of made(bodies). But exist and a 1980 year bodies(pilot series?). Total maded number of Volna-4K lens near 500. Volna-8K lens has maded (MC 1.2/50) - pilot batch(below 50 items, very rare). Seems, in end of 80-s start of 90-s was maded pilot batch of Volna10K, (focusing from 0.1m - probably macro? they don't have a scale-mark, (item of maded - like a Volna-4K, but I don't hear about serial number above 99, but they have a three-letter number). Scratch of serial number, mark(Volna-10K) and LOMO - I see red and white marking. Another lens Volna-10K focusing from 0.3m, maded at least from 1985 - maybe earlier, I don't see earlier version. The LOMO maded (at least from 1986 by 1993) Mir-47K lens - main diffirense from Vologda-series lens - LOMO-multicoating. Maded Mir-47K LOMO - nearby a Volna-4K. Also was Vega13K(100/2.8) and Volna-12K(35/2.8) - entry-level wide angle.
I don't hear about other K-lens (not a zoom) from LOMO...
Detailed about number of maded

If your have any of rare lenses - please, send me it's serial number. I try to find out size of series(as precise as possible). If your have any doc's (like user manual, optical scheme, e.t.c.) and can send me - it will be great. Experimental samples sales in the "Kinolubitel(Cinemafil)"-shop in Moscow, maybe else. I hear about making some (waist-level viewfinder, motor drives, tuning experimental samples of Almazes) doing outside from LOMO, carrying out and making/tuning at home - serial numbers are relative about date of production - maded in 1984, tuned in 1990 - like this.
Almaz-103 has at least two type of bodies - two syncro and one syncro-nest (X and FP-nest, 1979year, from manual of 1982 year), (X-nests about 1986 year). Nearby 1983 selftimer was inside-redesigned (before it, if you cooking the self-timer before shutter cooking, the shutter can be malfunction - not fatal, but qualified repair is needed). Mainstream was made from 1983 to 1985 years (serial numbers to 4000 and abowe). Manual at Almaz-102 has printed at 1981, but mainstream was(seems) about 1984. Manual was written for declaration in ministry.

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